Maxwell Family

12th October 2015

The Foundation received a request from a Macmillan Nurse Specialist for David (48) who has been diagnosed with metastatic colorectal cancer.

Prior to his diagnosis David worked as a driver for a refrigeration company. As you can imagine his diagnosis has been devastating and he is no longer able to work and is currently receiving chemotherapy.

David, Emma and the children have found that since the diagnosis they have very little to look forward to.

The Foundation arranged for the Family to have a two-night stay at LEGOLAND…


Emma says’ Thank you so much from the bottom of our heart’s we had such an amazing experience. Both the boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves and Dave was extremely happy to see the boys have such a lovely time. Sadly it rained the whole time but we still managed what was available to do! The bedroom was out of this world; we had the Indiana Jones room so the boys were very excited.

Once again Thank You for such an amazing experience and making it possible.

Emma, Dave, Archie (3 ½) and Baby Harry xxx